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Jul 2, 2011 - General, Sales Numbers    Comments Off on June Sales, And A Top Five Win!

June Sales, And A Top Five Win!

June has been and gone (where the heck has the year gone!?), and with it another month of sales numbers are in. When I set up this site originally, I planned to share my sales every month. Not out of any sense of gloating, but simply to be open and honest about this self-publishing gig.

And after the first month, I forgot 🙂 So it’s time I started rectifying that.

I haven’t broken any records, but for June I sold 19 copies of my three books. The Outsider was the best seller (and has been every month since I released it), with 10 sales. Cryoskip’s Footprints did better than it’s month of launch, with 7 copies. Which just leaves The Vampire Drabbles, with a lowly 2 copies.

I’m fast approaching a total of 100 copies sold all up, which is a rather exciting milestone for me. Now to just hurry up and get the next few things finished!

“Pandemic” Finished In The Top Five!

Back in March, I sumbitted a flash fiction piece (“Pandemic“) to Karen at Bibliophilic Blather, for inclusion in her Friday Flash Fiction. This month Karen is re-running the five most popular pieces since September 2010 (determined by number of web visitors to each story), and last night Karen gave me the exciting news that Pandemic had come in at number five!

Of course, half those visitors were probably me checking to see if anyone had commented on the story, but don’t tell Karen that 😉

Jan 2, 2011 - Sales Numbers    2 Comments

Indie Author Sales in December

Over on the Kindle Boards indie authors are once again giving details on their sales for December, and once again I’m compiling them all into a single list.

It’s fascinating seeing the difference between November and December. Authors on the Kindle Boards were saying that they were seeing good sales for December as the month progressed, and the final results definitely show that.

In November, after the authors who had less than 30 sales for the month, the largest group was authors who got between 60-149 sales in the month (2-5 sales a day). And at the top end, there were 11 who had between 1000 and 4999 sales. The numbers reported so far for December (and they will still come in over the next few days ) has the big bump in the middle of the list at 300-599 sales (10-20 a day), and so far 18 have had between 1000 and 4999 sales.

Even more impressive, so far 8 authors have reported they had over 5000 sales. And Amanda Hocking, who I mentioned earlier in the week (and at the time praised her for selling over 50k books ), actually sold over 99k books in December. No, that’s not a typo!

Obviously there has been a huge Christmas boost to the results. What will be interesting to see is how well the sales carry on into January. My suspicion is that we’re all going to be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Dec 2, 2010 - Sales Numbers    2 Comments

Indie Author Sales in November

Over on the KindleBoards, a number of indie authors are posting a summary of their November sales. I decided to tabulate the results to try and get an overview of how everyone was going. The thread starts here, while my summation post (which I’ll continue updating for a few days as more authors post their results) is here.

I found the results interesting (and a little surprising). While there are a big number of authors selling less than a book a day (it’s the largest group overall), there is a spike in numbers for people selling 60-149 books a month (2-5 a day). There is also a very surprising spike for people managing over 1000 a month. Then there is Amanda Hocking – she made over 20,000 sales for November (which is nothing short of spectacular) and really deserves a category of her own :).

Of course the sample is too small to draw any statistical conclusions about general results. And threads like this one are very self-selecting – it’s only people who are willing to report their numbers who are posting. But it is still very fascinating to see.

I hope to do a similar tally every month.