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If Gears of Wonderland Was A Movie – The Cast, Part 1

I received a very nice letter the other day from someone who had just read Gears of Wonderland (hi Amanda!) She commented that she thought it should be made into a movie. She wasn’t the first person to say that, but it got me thinking about what my “dream cast” would be if by some miracle a movie was made.

While I tend to think of the scenes as I’m writing as movie or TV scenes, I rarely cast an actor in the role of the characters. So the task of trying to find the “right” person to play each characters is proving rather fascinating! I’ll probably end up splitting this over several articles as there are a number of minor characters who, I think, are just as important as the main characters. And, I have to confess, the main characters are the ones I’m having the most trouble with! 🙂

There may be a few spoilers in these articles if you haven’t read Gears already, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.


Torre – Jason Momoa


I’m casting Torre first not only because of the actors first name ( 😉 ), but because he was the one character I did visualize as I was writing Gears. I first saw Jason in Stargate Atlantis, and his Ronon character was a huge influence on how I wrote Torre. Jason is able to play the “wildman” role perfectly, which fits how Torre has lived (and survived) in Tulgey Wood for five years. At the same time, Torre does have a tragic past, and I believe Jason could handle that with equal skill. Finally, it’s pretty obvious that fight scenes wouldn’t be a problem for Jason to carry off.


Lahire (Knave of Hearts) – Benedict Cumberbatch


I’ve only seen his work in the recent Sherlock series done by the BBC, but Benedict has the perfect intensity for a character who thinks he is doing the right thing for his people, but who everyone else despises (and fears). Able to change emotion and mannerisms at a moments notice, and having no problem delivering a rant if needed, I think Benedict would be perfect for the unpredictable character.


The (Real) King of Hearts – Anthony Hopkins


I admit, the King of Hearts doesn’t have much screen time in Gears, so “wasting” a big name actor on such a minor character might seem crazy. But the sequel for Gears (if I ever get it written!) has the King of Hearts have a larger role. And an actor with the skill of Anthony can handle pretty much any role you throw at him, so there’s no doubt he could take the character and own it.


General Ariston – Stephen Lang


Hmm, I seem to be on a role with bearded guys!

I admit, this pick sightly type-casts Stephen Lang, as I made the choice based on how he played the role of a military commander in both Avatar and Terra Nova (more so Terra Nova). But he does such a good job of it! The actor playing Ariston has to portray the confidence of a man who is not only one of the best generals in Wonderland (“the famed Club Army general who outmaneuvered the Spade armies and tied up several divisions for a week without losing a single man”, if Torre is to be believed), but has also been in charge of the resistance within the Club kingdom for decades. Stephen can definitely do that, and the few fight scenes that would be required of him.


So, that’s it for part 1. What do you think of the picks? Good? Bad? Have a better suggestion? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


  • I’m with you all the way for all but Anthony Hopkins. For some reason I picture Donald Sutherland for the King

    • That’s a good pick! I hadn’t thought of him, but he would work well as the King of Hearts too.