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Interview with Blanca Beyar

Today’s interview is a bit different from normal (and sure to be controversial with a few!) Blanca Beyar is a writer (among many other things), but she isn’t a novelist. She writes non-fiction books, with the aim of helping more people than she could ever coach personally. Having dabbled with a few non-fiction projects in the past, I know that writing non-fiction can be just as difficult as writing fiction 🙂

JGA: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. To start with, can you tell us a bit about yourself, and how you got started writing?

BB: I am an old spirit who truly enjoys working and helping people to discover happiness and wholeness in their lives. My inspiration to write came to me as a complete surprise because I never had a passion to write. Yet, when I began my spiritual journey, I was prompted to journal write and it was during this time that I received the “calling” to begin writing.

When I am not writing or working with students, I enjoy music, dancing and taking weekend retreats to high vibrational places like nature parks and towns that have little shops. I love the different flavors of foods and enjoy eating in different restaurants. Above all, I love spirituality and breathe it in my life 24/7!

JGA: How do you go about the actual process of writing?

BB: I don’t consider myself a typical writer because I often hear how other writers are inspired to jot down thoughts about a new book in notebooks or journals, etc. I often get an inspiration to write a book by receiving insight of it, mostly while I am meditating. Once the inspiration enters my consciousness, I make time to sit in front of my computer with an open MS document and then just wait to be in the “zone.”

It is amazing how the words and thoughts flow once I am in this “zone.” Most of the time, I surprise myself at how much I can write while in this state and when I am finally done, I am always awestruck at what I have written because it almost feels like someone else wrote it!

JGA: How do you personally like to read books you buy these days?

BB: There used to be a time when I truly made time to read books. These days, I find it challenging to sit down and enjoy a good book because I am so busy promoting my own book. Although I love the new technologies that have introduced the new wave of reading, I still enjoy the old traditional way of reading a paperback book that I can hold, make highlights in and write little notes on the sides of the pages.

attributes-of-mastery-coverJGA: How did you first get introduced to the topics that you cover in your book, “Attributes of Mastery”?

BB: Attributes of Mastery is a representation of my own observation and experience of some of the principles that can assist someone who is yearning to reach a higher level of spiritual mastery. My observation is based on thirteen years of having a private practice as a spiritual teacher and counselor and the countless of people whom I have worked with.

There are twenty-one attributes presented in this book and each one of them can be compared to a step—if you may—that can lead us to a higher paradigm of understanding, of practicing and of being a master of our own lives.

The book also includes a chapter at the end that illustrates my own spiritual journey; many of my own struggles in life and highlights how the attributes presented in the book not only helped me to heal—but also aligned me with my soul’s mission.

JGA: Why did you decide to write “Attributes of Mastery”?

BB: I was inspired to compose Attributes of Mastery for several reasons. The first and most important one is to invite readers to realize that it is not impossible to reach a level of spiritual freedom…it is actually quite tangible as long as we are willing to put into practice certain tools and objectives that will help us to achieve this goal.

I also wrote it because there are many individuals who are seeking and yearning to live a healthier and more wholesome life but who are not quite sure how to begin this process. I humbly believe that Attributes of Mastery is a helpful guide that can assist “seekers” to discover a path that can help them to reach their yearning for wholeness.

JGA: Who would gain the most from reading “Attributes of Mastery”… and you can’t just say everyone 🙂

BB: I would recommend this book to individuals who are truly seeking to bring change and happiness into their lives. I would also recommend it to readers who have had struggles in their lives and who feel victimized by these experiences. Attributes of Mastery invites readers to recognize that some of our greatest challenges are also great opportunities for growth and for expanding our belief of limitation. Each attribute, presented in the book, builds a foundation to spiritual freedom and purpose.

JGA: A lot of people get turned off at the thought of any book/movie/talk that they perceive as “new agey”. How do you overcome that initial resistance?

BB: This is a great question. I believe that it is time to invite people to re-define the perception of what “New Age” really represents. In earlier times, “New Age” represented a new thought of thinking that has been considered “Cult-like” by many who do not understand. To me, “New Age” is the arrival to a new philosophy of experiencing life that is more in harmony with your inner-truth, as opposed to the dogmatic beliefs of traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation without internal validation.

Spirituality is about “self-development” and it takes work and devotion to harness this level of self-exploration because it is about self-validating and having a personal experience. The Attributes of Mastery is a blueprint that can help the seeker to discover a new way of living but in order to achieve this new level of understanding there has to be the willingness to work at releasing old beliefs that simply do not work and implementing new practices that will validate themselves in our lives.

JGA: What is the writing process you follow when working on your books?

BB: Once I begin writing a book, there usually is no set schedule for writing…I write whenever I get inspired or pulled to sit and to listen. Most of the time, I do my writing at night but sometimes if I have free time during the day and I feel inspired, I can sit down and write a few chapters. Inspiration is the key. I remember feeling inspired to sit and write a little book for Valentines last year and when it hit me, I sat down and in an hour wrote, “Love…the Only Reason.” It is a little book of about 30 pages but it is packed with great inspiration.

JGA: What is the next book (and topic) you plan to write about?

BB: I am receiving the inspiration to compose a book about the Afterlife and Medium work. For years, in my private practice, this amazing gift was revealed and it was wonderful to see how in sharing it, so much healing and comfort was given to individuals.

Only recently, I began to “come out of the closet” with my Medium and Empath abilities and the respond and results have been incredibly rewarding for both the participants and for myself. Now that I have become more comfortable in sharing and speaking about these subjects, I am getting inspired to compose a book that will help readers to explore and learn more about these subjects.

JGA: If you could somehow change reality and become the author of any published book instead of the person who originally wrote it, which book would you make your own and why?

BB: Another great question! I think that I would love to be the author of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I absolutely love this book and feel that Louise was one of the pioneers that opened up the door to the connection of the Mind/Body/Spirit.

In this best-selling book, Louise not only shares her own life experiences and challenges with illness and emotions, but also offers a guide that illustrates how emotions can perpetuate certain illnesses in the body. It is a classic and I would have loved to authored it because I teach and advocate the same philosophies that are presented in this book.

JGA: Is there anything else you would like to mention that I haven’t asked?

BB: I would love to invite your viewers to visit my web site so they can learn a little more about who I am and about my books. It has been a great pleasure to share with you and your readers. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Many blessings of love and light! http://blancabeyar.org

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