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My Formatting Service Now Has It’s Own Site

When I first started formatting books back in May last year, having it on this site as another page seemed like the logical thing to do. But as I’ve gotten busier, and gained more clients, I’ve come to realize that my formatting should really move off to it’s own web site. This was the second part of the “big things” I alluded to back in this post – I had planned to have the site ready in early January, but managed to procrastinate when I had free time (and then got swamped with work when I began to realize I should sit down and finish it).

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally got the new site to a level where I can unveil it to the world 🙂

If you want to know more about my ebook formatting service, please visit my wife and I over at Polgarus Studio.

Why “Polgarus”?

The second cat my wife and I ever owned together was named Polgara. She was very much my cat, and was rarely friendly with other people. She passed away a few years ago from heart troubles. The name comes from there.


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