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The Dreaded First Post

It’s alive!

So the blog is finally up and running, after buying the domain several weeks ago. There wasn’t any technical reason why the blog wasn’t here – I was just lazy!

So who am I? Simply put, I’m just a regular guy who has dreams of one day becoming a successful writer, and has decided to actually start working towards that dream instead of admiring it from a distance.

Now there is a caveat to the word “published”. For the moment I don’t plan to try and be traditionally published. Not because I think the big publishers are evil and going to destroy the world, but simply because I’ve always been a DIY person when it comes to selling.

As a result, my plan is to self-publish what I write for Kindle (and probably offer paper versions via print-on-demand). Now to some, self publishing (or being an “indie” author) means the result is crap – unedited junk that should never have left the authors home.

While I can’t promise that my material won’t be crap (although I hope it won’t be 😉 ), I will be making sure that anything I release has been alpha and beta read by other people, and that it has also been edited by someone else.

Like many would-be authors, I’ve got several ideas floating around in my mind. To get the first one out of there, I’m planning on taking part in this years NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve got my story idea, the general plot is being sketched out, and I’ve got the basics of the main characters.

Now I’ve got two more weeks to finish fleshing things out to a useful stage 🙂