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Summer Blog Hop Giveaway!

To celebrate summer (at least in the US – it’s the middle of winter here in Australia!), I’m taking part in the Summer Splash Blog Hop. This is a series of giveaways that are run across a huge number of authors blogs. Each blog has their own giveaway, which you can enter (click on the image to the right for the full list of blogs participating). And the main site (that links everyone together) has it’s own giveaway where you can win one of Two Kindle Fires, a $75 amazon gift card, a $50 amazon gift card, a kindle cover, or signed paperbacks from several authors.

For my giveaway, you don’t need to do anything special – just follow the instructions below to enter the draw. While there can only be one first prize, I will be drawing five winners.

4rd-5th prize – An electronic copy of Gears of Wonderland (provided via Smashwords)

2nd-3rd prize – An electronic copy of every book and short story I’ve released (provided via Smashwords – this is Gears of Wonderland, the Atomic Wasteland short stories, and my drabble collection)

1st prize


  • A print copy of Gears of Wonderland (not signed, alas, as I don’t have any on hand – it will be send directly from CreateSpace)
  • A steampunk pendant, where a mechanical creature of some sort has been crushed under the surrounding rock (the size doesn’t really show in the picture – it is approx. 1 inch across). The pendant was created by my wife (who sells the jewellery she creates at Beyond Midnight Designs – there are additional samples on the right of this page).
  • An electronic copy of every book and short story I’ve released (provided via Smashwords).


We Have Winners!

The competition is over, and I’ve finally drawn the winners. The lucky people are:

1st Prize – Laura
2nd Prize – zanza
3rd Prize – Chrystalla Thoma
4th Prize – Rebekah Caldwell
5th Prize – Jolea

Thank you to everyone who entered!


  • I love Spring! But not where I live.. we get tornadoes! I hate tornadoes! I love Spring because of the flowers and beach weather!


  • I love the summer season–I am partial to hot weather, vacations, and relaxation during the summer months. Katrina

  • I love fall because of the crisp air and the Bon fires. Being swaddled in a warm hoodie and laughing with my friends. The fall of the golden and red hued leaves plus the atmosphere as the school year starts over again. I love fall. It shows that life has a beautiful cycle!


  • Autumn all the way. I love the cool weather, the changes leaves, Halloween…everything!

  • I love summer, even though here in Cyprus (Europe/Mediterranean) it tends to be too hot – but I love being at the sea! 🙂

  • Winter. One: cuddling in front of a fireplace, Two: reading a book near the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate, or tea with spicy marshmallows, Three: Building snowmen and Snow Angels with hubby and the kids. 🙂

  • My favorite season is definitely summer — I love the sun, the warm weather, the BBQs, the fruits in season, going to the beach. Everything about the summer is awesome!

  • Spring. The weather usually isn’t unbearably warm and all of the flowers are beautiful!

  • Fall is my favorite. I love the weather then and Halloween. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  • My favorite season is a toss up between spring and fall. I love them both for the season’s renewal and the season’s end. The smell of a daffodil and the smell of cinnamon and apples tell me each are on the way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the Fall. The crisp air, the colors…

  • My favorite season of the year is fall. I like the harvest season and the cool weather, as well as, the holidays. Thanks for the giveaways.

  • My favorite would have to be fall. Its mostly a perfect temperature and the colors of everything is beautiful.

  • Stopping by to say hello–hope it’s going well! 🙂

  • I like Spring and fall because the weather is not too hot or too cold but also because all of nature is changing. It is so magnificent to witness.

  • I love Fall. I teach fourth grade and I love starting fresh with a new class. I love the falling leaves and the crisp auturm air. I love campfires and sitting and reading a good book!

  • I love summer because it gives me a chance to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the beauty around me without having to stress about work or school. I love the BBQ’s the beach rips, the swimming, and mostly just soaking up the fresh air and wonderful sun!


  • I love Summer! Cookouts, campout, swimming, it’s just the time of year for outdoor gatherings and get-togethers 🙂


  • My favorite season is autumn. I love the leaves changing and the cool (but not cold!) air. It makes me want to buy school supplies and a new lunchbox.

  • Autumn has always been my favorite season. I was born in October and Autumn has always been the best part of the year. Halloween and Thanksgiving the eating holidays that you don’t have to get stresses out over like you do Christmas